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  Ruslan Doroshenko
Sr. Systems Designer Architect
Toronto, ON, Canada

SUMMARY Expert in designing efficient and scalable web solutions in PHP/MySQL environment.
More than 10 years of experience in top-down system designs and software development.
Dozens of successfully designed and deployed solutions.
Solving challenges of multimillion visitors websites daily .
Profound 6+ Mac OS X experience will be helpful for companies that need Mac servers/workstations integration.

SKILLS Skill Name Skill Level Experience

System/Software Architecture Strong 4 years

Team leading & coaching Strong 5 years

UNIX Systems administration Expert 15 years

Internet security and monitoring Expert 11 years

Database design and administration Expert 15 years

Apple Computer Systems administration Strong 6 years

01/2002 - Present Infinite Minds
Toronto, Canada

Owner http://www.doroshenko.ca

  • BetterMail.ca powerful email marketing service. Provides personalized newsletters, customized autopresponders, polls, surveys and other tools for communication and managing contacts. Click tracking and custom tinyurl for devices with limited html support.
    Install base 12 servers with hundreds of clients (LAMP, Custom code, Ubuntu)
  • BlueMorphoTours.com informational site for people looking for experience with medicinal plants in form of workshops. Membership with social networking aspects is restricted to previous workshop guests. (LAMP, Joomla, Ubuntu)
  • BlueMorphoLiving.com is public social networking site with information how to integrate knowledge derived from ayahuasca ceremonies into daily life. Planing to have audio/video recorded talks and daily lessons for participants. (LAMP, In design stage, Ubuntu)
04/2000 - Present Instaclick Inc. Toronto, Canada

Sr. Systems Designer Architect http://instaclick.com/

  • Secure and scalable systems design and high performance architecture of all major company's Internet applications.
  • Working directly with development team-leads for optimal system design and implementation of new modules, insuring overall system performance, security and future scalability.
  • Leading a team of highly skilled professionals for solving escalated issues from Systems Operations department.
  • Solid expertise in MySQL database design, tuning and maintenance.
  • Strong analytical, decision-making, problem-solving, coding and debugging skills.
  • Strong knowledge of business analysis and methodologies to interpret various Web site business metrics and reports.
  • passionsearch.com - one of many private-label adult dating sites with 1M+ visitors per day.
  • orgasm.com free adult video streaming site with 100K+ visitors per day.
  • High volume media delivery system, using User Cluster profile data storage concept.
  • Designed company's scalable email notification system with reports.
  • Designed and continuously improving fast multi-million profile search methods.
  • Designed Content Distribution system for profile images, videos and static content.
  • Designed event queue processing and delayed update methods that used across all projects.
  • Design, planing and implementation of high performance SAN volume 60TB+ for video editing.
03/1999 - 04/2000 ISP Alkar Teleport Dnepropetrovsk/Ukraine

Sr. System Administrator http://www.alkar.net/

Responsible for network optimization and configuration of TCP/IP services in an
UNIX environment. System Administration of UNIX Internet servers. Advanced CISCO router configuration and support. Developed network topology and load plan, which prevent overloads and improve quality of service. Responsible for collecting and analyzing traffic information for the purpose of tuning the network. Developed test tools and network models on Optimal Networks model- ling software. Maintained enterprise Email service using Sendmail extended mailer controls and SPAM control for 2000+ mailboxes. Wrote software for notification on mobile devices. Set up and supported INND NewsServer with 30+ newsfeeds online. Configured and maintained large company DNS and HTTP servers. Configured and supported enterprise HTTP Cache Proxy server which use already downloaded objects if they had not been changed. Developed Monitoring System to test security, health and operating status of a large UNIX and Cisco RAS tree.
Developed policy, procedural and tech support documentation. Managed the Y2k project for all UNIX platforms.
09/1998 - 3/1999 ISP Creator OnLine Dnepropetrovsk/Ukraine

Sr. System Administrator http://www.creator.dp.ua

Developed Network and Accounting applications for ISP node under UNIX platform and Windows NT. Developed and supported corporate network and Internet services.
Maintained and supported News, POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, DNS, HTTP (Apache 1.2, 1.3.x) servers and firewall. Configured and managed CISCO routers and RAS. Developed the routing plan for all network traffic. During this period I was involved in a number of certain web integration projects and CGI scripts for customers.
Developed Oracle 7 database interfaces for various programs, written in C, Perl and shell. Wrote technical and support online documentation.
07/1997 - 9/1998 JV Optima Telecom Dnepropetrovsk/Ukraine

System Administrator http://www.optima.dp.ua/

Implemented, maintained and administered the Company billing system based on
XServer/XClient technology and connected through high-speed data streams.
Installed and configured CISCO and 3COM equipment for total WAN connectivity and fault tolerance. I've got strong knowledge and experience with IP and X.25 based networks, DNS, Sendmail, NFS, Firewalls, authentication, crypt, transferring Voice/Video/Data and provide them into large company network. Wrote programming interface with billing system in main office and many different voice switches (such as: 5ESS/AT&T, AXE10/Ericsson, Meridian PBX, AT&T Partner II). Implemented enterprise wide backups with UNIX Backup DBL system.
05/1996 - 7/1997 ISP Neon-V Dnepropetrovsk/Ukraine

System Administrator http://euronet.com.ua/

Established Internet services in Dnepropetrovsk city. As professional in
Internet networking protocols. I was responsible for the project management, design, and implementation of the wide area network. Developed the entire IP network number scheme. Maintained email service using SMTP/POP3. Developed and managed the firewall implementation and Internet connectivity. Developed the routing plan for all network traffic. Provided MIS staff with additional technical expertise as required. Created the first integrated Dialup for
"Neon-V" and Internet remote access. Developed the security plan for remote access. Implementation Secure and Dynamic WEB, PGP technology as solution for small and medium companies. In the middle of 1997 year, ISP Neon-V was the largest Internet provider in Dnepropetrovsk region.
09/1995 - 4/1996 Convert Ltd. Dnepropetrovsk/Ukraine

Network Administrator

Was responsible for administration, maintenance, and management of the corporate
Unix servers tree. Developed, planned, and implemented enterprise electronic mail. Maintained network for exchange data between cities and villages around
Dnepropetrovsk city. Developed network client/server applications. RDBMS tuning and configuration. Traveled around the region to establish remote sites, consulting node administrators and training ultimate users. Developed the first
PC support help desk for the company. Provided the user community with level 2
technical support. Worked over network optimization and adjustment projects.
09/1994 - 9/1995 Dnepro-Soft Ltd. Dnepropetrovsk/Ukraine

Network Designer/Programmer http://www.dneprosoft.com.ua/

Developed specific hardware on IBM PC architecture base. Developed specific software, support and training ultimate users. Managed time-sensitive projects, such as design and install of LANs, set up servers and workstations for customers in seven days. Programmed mini voice switches. Troubleshot hardware and software problems. Responsible for special projects relating to design of PC hardware.
05/1994 - 9/1994 City Industrial Technical Center of Electronic Communications Dnepropetrovsk/Ukraine

Junior System Administrator

Used SCO and BSDI Unix C/C++/Shell programming to develop Oracle 6.0 user applications. Maintained large city-wide network for connection remote reception with main server. Configured and ran the first in the city News System and commercial email system. Help desk troubleshooting, user training, and project management. Introduction to Database Systems. Provided remote administration for a network of 800+ users in 6 locations around the city.

2005-2006 Certificates from "Management Performance Centre":
  • Leadership and management skills
  • Master of negotiation
  • Team building and coaching
  • Personal Productivity and time management
2006-2007 Apple Certification:
  • Directory Services Client/Server v10.4
  • Mac OS X Deployment v10.4
  • Xsan Administration v1.1
01/2000 BrainBench
Certification ID: 175010
07/1994 College of Automation and Telemechanics
Certificate: Micro-electronics Engineer
1990-1994 Dnepropetrovsk College of Automation and Telemechanics.
Specialization: Programmer of computerized robotic complexes.